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Million Dollar Terrace

Jul 1, 2011   //   by Jane   //   Accent, Avant-garde, Bar Sets, Blog, Chairs, Club, Colors, Daybeds, Designers, Paola Lenti, Tables, White  //  2 Comments

Million Dollar Decorators is the latest offering from Bravo television.  This program is a day in the “Bravo styled” life of some of the hottest Los Angeles interior designers.  It’s a quirky show as names are constantly (and I might add unabashedly) being dropped, clients have hissy fits, designers have a few fits of their own, budgets are routinely ignored and…

Oh, yes…

Some absolutely beautiful designs get created.

Last week, one of the Million Dollar Decorators, Martin Lawrence Bullard, was in New York city to help his client/friend Tamara Mellon (Co-founder of Jimmy Choo) accessorize her chic penthouse apartment.  It truly is a feast for the eyes based on the photographs from Harper’s Bazaar publication dated August 12th, 2010.  During this episode, Ms. Mellon took Marty B onto the terrace.  Perhaps, it’s time to create the perfect area.  Marty felt a pool would be “delicious” at a cool million.  Ms. Mellon raised her eyebrow and laughed.

Which brings me to today’s blog…

I read several blogs ( like tons!!!)  anywhoooooooo, I was reading a couple of my favorite blogs and realized that the topic de jour is creating a terrace space at a high-end condo.  I thought to myself, “How fun!”  I want to take part too!  The space on the other blog was smaller than the one show on last weeks Bravo episode.  Perhaps, Marty B. is afraid Ms. Mellon will fall in love with a design and find a new “Million Dollar Decorator”  Working with people who have more money than God is somewhat intimidating and without being a name dropper à la Marty B. , I have worked with more than my share of fortune 400 clients.

Here is a sample of the space from the Bravo TV show …

Photography courtesy: Bravo TV

Here are the plans for the space.

As you can see, the designs are altered in the plans to the right.  I am going to use the plans on the right as inspiration since I like the location of the master bedroom.  I want to create a special space for the family to use and enjoy.

Each of the terraces has been given a number.  I hope that makes it easier to follow along with my vision for the space.



Terrace 1:

Located off the living area, it seems like the prime place to place a dining conversation area.  I thought a small outdoor kitchen for guest chefs.

This fabulous kitchen was created by Jamie Durie for Electrolux Australia. Environmentally friendly, beautifully crafted and with all the features one needs to prepare a five-star meal outdoors. I love the built-in spaces for greener.  I would use them to grow fresh herbs.  I know it’s hard to tell, but there is a barbecue photographed below too.  Looking more like a parsons desk than a grill, it would be a wonderful addition to this fantastic movable kitchen.  Jeppe Utzon BBQ Grill is beautiful in form and a study in using only the best materials.  Utzon comes by his design ability naturally as his grandfather designed the Sidney Opera House!

Dining and entertaining would be the main purpose of this deck.  I am not sure what permissions would be required for allowing pergola’s or even umbrella’s so at this time I have dedicated the blog to the space as is.

The items I selected for the dining/conversation area are eclectic yet comfortable and functional.  I noticed in the Harper’s Bazaar that each room had not only a luxurious feel but a distinct sense of whimsy.

Kartell Pop three seat sofa.  Also comes in lounge chair and love seat.

Cappellini Felt Chair.  Had to add this chair.  It’s outstanding!

Dining table is from Spectrum.  I love the classic shape of the table.  Spectrum carries many other sizes and designs.

Pavo Real Outdoor project by Patricia Urquiola has been designed for Driade.

Paola Lenti High Tech rugs are designed to be used outdoors.  With unparalleled style and craftsmanship, they come in a load of colours and can be custom sized.  They simply look “drop dead” gorgeous!

I think that putting a few low plants in lovely stainless pots would be fantastic.  I’m sure there is a view over and it would be a shame to block it with trellises or built in boxes.

Royal Botania Red Label Lazy outdoor sectional.  I adore sectionals outside.  The sectional  is moveable into any shape you need.  Adding or taking away makes a new seating area.

The Toy Table for Serralunga.  Cleverly designed by Christophe Pillet

Love, Love, Love this chair!  Missoni Home has hit a home run with this beauty!


Terrace 2:

This terrace seems the largest of the terraces.  I think the most practical use of this space would be for cocktail parties with lots of comfortable seating and perhaps the surprise of a bar.

Vondom does the amazing bars, they come several sizes and look spectacular when lighted!

Vondom’s Faz collection may be placed in as many different configurations as your mind can imagine!

Vondom does these funky roof top bar sets.  The Quadrat can also be moved and configured to suit the needs of your guests.  The Quadrat Lumm has built-in lights just like the bar.

Additional pieces for this area include umbrella’s for the day time and rugs for under foot.  Some great lighting and fun pots for plants.

Vondom, designed the Flower Vessels and the lighting features.

Awesome rugs are by Toulemonde Bochart

The shade feature is from Somoa designs


Terrace 3:

This terrace is the space I picked as a movie viewing area.  It is a space to hang out, watch movies and just kick back and enjoy the company of good friends and family.

B&B Italia and Patrica  Urquiola have designed one of the most beautiful collections of furnishing ever.  Canasta is a spectacular collection and it comes in both white and a rich brown, woven over aluminum.  Vienna Straw, with it’s decorative geometric shape, was Patrica’s element of inspiration.  The collection is enriched by a series of tables and service elements with steel structures.

The Outdoor Television is impermeable to water, and most other elements.  Used with a portable stand, this set could be placed in storage when not in use.  Luxurite, products include 42-inch, 47″, 52″, 55″, 65″,70-inch and 82 inch outdoor TV. You can customize the size and color.


Terrace 4:

The last terrace to do is off the master bedroom.  I think it would be family centered and a great place to hang out, read and just enjoy a quiet Sunday morning.

Magis has a division called MeToo.  MeToo does adorable outdoor collections for children.  I thought it would be fun to add this puppy!  They do several colours and some even glow in the dark!

Outdoor tables by Jane Hamley Wells via Emporium – The sleek, low profile is perfect for this vista

Paola Lenti’s amazing Ami chairs.  I love them!  Woven over metal frames with a huge choice of colours!

B&BItalia offers Charles -  Another classic!  For over 13 years, B&B has been making this gorgeous collection.  It simply will never go out of style!

Paola Lenti is a master with fabrics and her rugs are to die for!  This multi-coloured rug is apart of the Zoe collection.


I also would really like to put a day bed on the master-bedroom terrace:

B & B Italia makes this yummy looking day bed Springtime would be an amazing place to relax and just enjoy some family time

Side table  from Janis et CieChipre Round Table

Tuuci Ocean Master umbrella in bright orange

Botania outdoor side table by Jane Hamley Wells


Okay…  Almost done!

Quite a bit out there to details these space don’t you think?  Believe it or not, they are still a work in progress!  Check back on Monday to see how I accessorize each space with a few fire elements and other cool items to help tie it all together.

Have a great weekend!!!


Paola Lenti

Aug 4, 2010   //   by Jane   //   Country, France, Italy, Paola Lenti, Pillows, Sofas  //  No Comments

Paola Lenti founded her company in 1994 in the Italian city of Meda in Monza e della Brianza Province (Lombardy Region). Meda is well known for hosting one of Italy’s leading furniture districts.

Paola Lenti was quickly noticed for the innovative textiles the company was creating and quickly set the design world abuzz. Highly praised for it’s constant research, experimentation and cutting edge entrepreneurial spirit, Paola Lenti designs incredibly sumptuous rugs in vibrant colors for both indoor and outdoor. These rugs are such a treat to the eye that you may be reticent to actually walk on them. My suggestion? Go ahead…throw caution to the wind and step onto these rugs. Once you’ve done so, you won’t be able to resist again because they feel as amazing as they look

The flowers and leafs on these rugs are all hand crocheted then assembled and hand sewn onto a supportive netting. They are also stitched with a high resistant polyester thread that allows the rugs to be used for indoor or outdoor. Can you say colorful!

Designer Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti. The frame of the Wabi is stainless steel and the base material is iroko wood (often referred to as African teak.) Rota uses aquatech (a high performing signature yarn) or a modified polyolefin-based yarn
called rope to weave the frame over the base.

Design Francesco Rota’s Sunset table is available in both a dining and side table size. The structure is colored varnished cement or anthracite. The top is available in natural iroko wood and in granite stone trademarked as Nero Assoluto. This stone is Gabbro from Africa and is sealed to make sure it is water and oil repellent. The table and chairs are shown inside a Cabanne (An architectural structure) and demonstrate the collaboration between Paola Lenti and BestettiAssociati. The design objective is to find the balance between “container and content.”
The metal is treated with the latest innovations to guarantee resistance to the elements. The (Iroko ) wood is left untreated to allow for the for the natural process to evolve over time. The Cabanne is modular, leaving the owner to design and place the structure as they see fit in the desired space.
Inside the structure is the Haven sofa designed for Paola Lenti by the Scandinavian design firm of Claesson, Koivisto and Rune. The frame is painted through a process called cataphoresis (The motion of charged particles in a colloid under the influence of an electric field; particles with a positive charge go to the cathode and negative to the anode.) The sofa itself is made from varnished steel. Covered with Rete, a 100% polyester material that is strong and elastic in composition, the seat and cushions are completely removable.

At the hand of Paola Lenti, the furniture created for her company has a sensuous feel. The curves and lines are decidedly feminine while the structure of each piece maintains the strength and edginess for the most discerning consumer. I look forward to seeing what the offerings of this innovative design icon will bring to the the 2011 season.

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